Lee Baxter & Martin Scholz

Lee Baxter (Caught in the Act) & Martin Scholz (Touché) LIVE with the boy band hits of the 90s

The 90s, it is the time of Buffalo Boots, Helly Hansen Jacken, Tamagotchi, the ass antlers and the phenomenon of the mega boy bands.

Screaming fans, sold-out concerts, fan clubs and songs, each of which is still a super hit today.

Not only the countless fans who heard the CDs of their idols up and down in the 90s while turning on the BRAVO star cuts on their walls, but also those who were not yet born at this time are celebrating more than today each the unique musical era and the spirit of the 90s.

Together, Caught in the Act and Touché have so far sold over 25 million records.

The loyalty to her fans still exists today and fan meetings are still held regularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Now, for the first time, Lee Baxter (Caught in the Act) and Martin Scholz (Touché), two original faces from two of the hottest boy bands of the 90s, come together on stage to play the unforgettable hits of that time LIVE with the band.

Whether Take That, the Backstreetboys, N´Sync, Blue, No Mercy, East 17, Caught in the Act, Touché, the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, Five, Boyzone or All 4 one etc.

All of the SUPERHITS compressed in a show immediately bring back the feeling and spirit of the 90s from the very first notes.

Two “boy band colleagues” who in their authentic way manage to take fans from days gone by but also the “new friends” of the 90s on a musical journey.

No MP3 stick show, but LIVE and with band Lee & Martin bring an unprecedented musical experience to the stage.

Singing along can begin!