Olaf & Hans

With their new song “You Crazy Moo Moo” Olaf and Hans show themselves in a creative, honest, charmingly self-ironic, unmistakable and completely crazy manner. Olaf and Hans say: The song “You crazy Moo Moo” is a staggering success. Because of this we had so many requests from other countries where people asked us: “why don’t you record this song in English?” So, we have decided to be bold and daring. And here it is: We recorded the song and the outrageous video in English for all our new fans in the world.
The tune and video are so surprisingly funny, we hope to excite fans all over the world (and soon on Mars too ;)!” Enjoy the crazy ride with the crazy MOO-MOO! With this new song, the two Berlin party singers put the crown on their previous repertoire. The recipe for success of the sympathetic, authentic and a bit freaky guys is quite simple: They don’t just make music – they live music!
You Crazy Moo Moo ” is a cheerful catchy tune and a party-cracker.
The elaborately produced music video for the song is crowned with the choreography to a separate “ Crazy Moo – Dance”


Olaf & Hans

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