Ronny Rockstroh – Schmetterlinge

Rockstroh & Sean Finn


I have butterflies in my stomach that fly … they fly all day … they fly all night …”. Who doesn’t like to experience this most beautiful of all feelings for themselves?

That’s what ROCKSTROH and SEAN FINN, two of the best-known DJ / producers on the German dance scene, thought when they decided to release a single for the first time entitled “SCHMETTERLINGE”, which is full of poetry and hip beats on the subject of “freshly falling in love”. While ROCKSTROH has already achieved success with numerous German-language singles (including the single “Tanzen”, “Licht”, “Wolke 7”, “Frei Sein” and as a remixer by Ich + Ich, Kerstin Ott and Helene Fischer, among others), it is for SEAN FINN to produce a debut after numerous international hits (including “Infinity 2018” in official cooperation with Guru Josh and “The Rhythm Of The Night” together with Corona) in his mother tongue. In addition to his great flair for high-class international dance productions, SEAN FINN also benefited from his experience as a sought-after remixer, who among other things. for German top acts such as Helene Fischer “Breathless (Sean Finn Remix)”, Ben Zucker “What a great time (Sean Finn Remix)” and last but not least ROCKSTROH himself worked for his 2019 re-release of “Tanzen”.

And it was precisely on this occasion that ROCKSTROH and SEAN FINN came so close together musically that the idea of ​​a joint German-speaking single quickly emerged, which will now be released on October 18 with “SCHMETTERLINGE”. The fact that the two producers have succeeded in keeping up with the times gives the first feedback, e.g. German-speaking top dance acts such as GESTÖRT ABER GEIL, STEREOACT and ANSTANDSLOS & DURCHGEKNALLT have already given their full support for the joint single from ROCKSTROH & SEAN FINN. The release package also includes extraordinary remixes, among other things. by TALSTRASSE 3-5, BLONDEE & ROBERTO MOZZA and 7th DISTRICT, which will also be available