Brooklyn Bounce DJ

Dennis “DJ Bonebreaker” Bohn is the producer and head of the dance icons Brooklyn Bounce (including “Get Ready To Bounce”, “Bass, Beats & Melody” and “Crazy”); with over 3 million singles sold and 10 album releases since 1996, he is one of the most important figures in the German dance business. Brooklyn Bounce has become one of the most influential dance acts in the past 14 years.

The grandiose comeback with “Bass, Beats & Melody” (top 3 and gold status with 330,000 units sold) in 2000 and the fourth long player “Restart” were the culmination of an unprecedented career as a producer. He also received two COMET and one ECHO nominations for his work with Brooklyn Bounce.

The releases of the following years, like the singles “Crazy”, “X2X” (We Want More!) And “Sex, Bass & Rock’n’Roll”, as well as the album “X-Pect The Un-X-Pected” were able to build on success in many countries.

Even the digital music age could not stop Dennis’s zest for action.

In 2008 he released the singles “The Theme (Of Progressive Attack) Recall 08” and “Get Ready To Bounce Recall 08” on his own label Mental Madness Records, followed by collaborations with the Sample Rippers aka Paul Hutch & Picco (“Louder & Prouder “), The DJs from Mars, as well as new songs with acts such as DJ Zealot and Giorno.

At the same time, big names in the hardstyle scene such as Technoboy, Noisecontrollers and Headhunterz made their old works “Club Bizarre” and “Bass, Beats & Melody”.

In 2011 the corresponding album “BB-Styles” finally followed, which combined all these productions and releases.

As a DJ, Dennis has an excellent reputation all over the world: electro, house, trance, hardstyle or hands-up is “Brooklyn Bounce Style at it’s best”. He does tours in Australia and all over Europe every year, especially in Hungary, he plays with his MC Diablo at major festivals with over 10,000 people.

But not only the clubs of the harder sounds are regularly played by Dennis aka Brooklyn Bounce DJ – three years ago he started to play tech house, minimal & deep house – with the result that he now even has his own compilation series with exactly this sound : “Electrolicious”! For this series there were already various features and top chart positions, among others at itunes-Germany!

Keep it bouncin ‘!