Interactive was formed in 1990 by Ramon Zenker and Jens Lissat. It was originally meant to be a studio project and their first single “The Techno Wave” became one of the first German techno releases.

Marc Innocent was brought in to add his vocal on their next production “No Control”. They decided then that Marc and Ramon should present Interactive as a “live act”.

Their national and international break-through came in 1992 with “Who Is Elvis” which was one of the the first completely techno-production to reach the sales charts in several countries. In 1994 Ramon decided that in future he only wanted to work in the studio and Marc continued to do the live gigs for Interactive on
his own.

That year they had their biggest hit, “Forever Young” which achieved Gold Record status. This was followed by further hits, such as “Living Without Your Love”, “Tell Me When” and a tour throughout Europe as well as gigs in Russia, USA and Mexico.

From 1996 they worked with various singers. However, in 2002 Ramon decided that he would put the project Interactive on ice. Ramon and Marc stayed in touch and in 2016, twenty-five years after their first live show, they decided to bring Interactive back to life. They made their comeback at the biggest 90s party in Germany, “The 90s – Live On Stage”, to huge applause.

From now on, Interactive’s live act will be a unique combination of a DJ-Mix of their biggest hits, live vocals and techno-classics of the 90s.