Alex Christensen LIVE

Alex Christensen

When Alex Christensen published his ambitious project “Classical 90s Dance” in October 2017, he was sure to be curious by colleagues, fans and the media. As the most important German initiator of the techno, dance and Eurodance movement, he first worked as a DJ and composer, but quickly also as a world-famous producer. Suddenly the man, who had been pulling the musical strings for over 40 million records sold in the background since the early 1990s, was supposed to explain what “Classical 90s Dance” was all about. The fact that someone like him rearranged a personal selection of characteristic hits of the genre and recorded it with the 49-member Berlin Orchestra attracted attention. And by the way, a new genre of its own was born: “Orchestral Dance Music”! His success proved him right: Top 10 charts rankings, over 38 weeks in the charts, number 1 in the digital download charts, now over 95,000 copies sold, 20 million video views & over 25 million streams worldwide catapulted the rather reserved character right where he never wanted to go: in the spotlight. Always on the cutting edge, always with the unique smell for hits, he will soon continue his journey as a music lover with the live implementation of the concept. He is always concerned with discovering new musical territory. As a producer, arranger and also as a fan. Perhaps that’s why “Classical 90s Dance” has become a successful exceptional project. From autumn 2019, Alex Christensen and orchestra can be seen live on Germany’s stages. The complex and well thought-out stage program of “Classical 90s Dance” will consist of the songs from his two albums, as well as 4 brand new hits from the 90s, the heralds of the third edition of his successful project “Classical 90s Dance”. The 90s are also a topic in 2019 that no one will be able to ignore … and Alex Christensen is again at the forefront! Copyright: Marcel Brell