Kalpee is an international young artist from Trinidad and Tobago who colors the world with his “Chilled Calypso”, a modern fusion of R&B, pop, calypso and reggae rhythm. Since the release of his first single “No One”, Kalpee has collected over 25 million A / V streams. His follow-up single “Colorful” landed in the Spotify Top 50 in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines. His single “Love Letter” found its way into over 50 playlists worldwide, including New Music Friday USA and Canada, while “Thinking Bout You”, released in June 2019, reached over 2 million combined streams in 2 weeks. It is incredibly important for Kalpee to convey a positive message – he understands how important music can be for determining the mood of people. “Music sets the tone and can influence people’s feelings” and through his music Kalpee doesn’t want to do anything other than to make people feel good about themselves, especially by letting a little of this mood flow into them which is an important and essential part of who he is. If you asked Kalpee to describe himself, he would say that it is very simple. A happy guy who wants to make music that people can relate to. A guy with whom people can hang out and laugh and who puts people in good shape. He feels comfortable in any environment – on a beach, on a stage, at a crowded party, it doesn’t matter. He is an effortless artist who brings the entire package with him: talent, looks, authenticity and personality. He is the personification of all the good that Trinidad has to offer. This is what attracts people to Kalpee and what makes it magnetic!