Brooklyn Bounce

… One of the world’s most successful dance acts!

Brooklyn Bounce has become one of the most right-wing trance and techno acts in the past 12 years; Millions 2.5 million people singles and 8 album releases! The grandiose comeback with “Bass, Beats & Melody” (top 3 and gold status with 330,000 authorizations) in 2000 and the own long player “Restart” provided access to an unprecedented career. Also the last releases like the singles “Crazy”,

“X2X” and “Sex, Bass & Rock’n’Roll” as well as the album “X-pect the Un-X-pected” will appeal to the rights of many.

Brooklyn Bounce are pure club sound and have been standing alongside scooters for the German music export for 12 years now. With himself in almost every country in the world, two echo and two comet nominations, as well as various gold and platinum relationships, Brooklyn Bounce is at the forefront of the German dance movement.

The head and the dance of the dance icons is DJ Dennis “Bonebreaker” Bohn. Dennis is in a family of musicians who listen and play while he is a year old. His rock band C.Y.D. (Change your dealer). As a Brooklyn Bounce DJ he followed the episodes, heard Tanz Sound, which comes slower than pure Brooklyn Bounce Style: hard, martial, deep and with a lot of melody. DJ sets in Australia, USA, Canada, Japan and many more show how popular his DJ skills and the unchangeable sound of Brooklyn Bounce are.

The live act by Brooklyn Bounce – claimant and manager of René “Diablo” Behrens can still show orders all over the world. Special highlights were certainly the shows on “The Dome” and “Top Of The Pops”, which are still unforgettable today. Diablo, the front man of Brooklyn Bounce, not only captivates personal fans with his mystical attitudes, but also whips all party-loving guests into party ecstasy with a whipping voice. This live act is a guarantee for top-class performances and shows, thanks to his sexy dancers.