Captain Jack

captain Jack - drill instructor

Captain Jack is one of the most famous pop acts of the 90s and was created by the Wiesbaden music producer Udo Niebergall. The red cap and the uniform are the trademark. Bruce Lacy followed in Franky Gee’s footsteps in 2006 and continues the project with singer Michelle Stanley more successfully than ever. At the major 90s festivals across Europe, Captain Jack has become indispensable as a headliner.19 Gold and platinum awards, 40 million records sold (singles, albums, compilations, downloads) and world hits such as “DrillInstructor”, “Soldier Soldier”, “Iko Iko ”and“ Captain Jack ”speak for themselves.

“In The Army Now” is a cover version of the 80s mega hit by Status Quo. A brute beat pulls through the song and the massive choirs tempt you to sing along. The new video was shot in a German army barracks and a disused US air base and is a tribute to the first music clip and smash hit from 1995. In the boot camp, 20 girls in camouflage bikinis are drilled by Captain Jack. Instead of real weapons, water pump guns are used, the message is: we fight for peace and love!

1995 was the year of Captain Jack’s birth. Initially conceived as a studio project, Udo Niebergall started the production of the song “Captain Jack” in his recording studio and invited several singers to do so. The record company EMI Electrola from Cologne recognized the potential of the song and had a video clip made that was spectacular for his time. With many sexy dressed soldiers and the captain as a drill instructor with a striking red hat, the music videos achieved cult status among fans and music stations VIVA / MTV.

With a brilliant start, the first single “Captain Jack” reached gold & platinum status across Europe. It stayed in the German TOP100 single charts for 23 weeks. Trophies such as the VIVA Comet (1996) and RSH-Gold (1997) as well as a triple ECHO nomination followed. The gold and debut album “The Mission” conquered Asia in 1996.

On October 22nd, 2005 rapper Franky Gee died unexpectedly in Mallorca. Thereupon a big singer casting was carried out. The winner was quickly decided: Bruce Lacy, son of the U.S. Saxophonist Freeman Lacy. From then on he followed in the footsteps of Franky Gee and continues the dance project with his singing partner Michelle Stanley very successfully. Bruce embodies the role of party captain in a unique way. With Bruce Lacy as front man, Captain Jack is one of the most booked 90s acts worldwide.

The 90s wave has a firm grip on all of Europe. Captain Jack is one of the best known and most striking bands of that era. Up to 30,000 guests celebrate at the big open air festivals and bring the 90s back to life in all their facets. In summer 2015 the band and their producer were invited to the EXPO in Milan to represent the “German 90s” in the German pavilion.