Da Rookies

Da Rookies - Breakdance

In summer 1999 the groups “the real fresh crew” (Salzwedel) and “per-anhalt” (Magdeburg) decided to start a new project called “Da Rookies”.

The additional diversity and creativity gained through the merger became the basis for the success of the dancers. Just one year later, they successfully participated in numerous national and international breakdance championships. So they became 2000 East German and Eastern European champions at the Battle of the East. Since then, the Da Rookies have been unstoppable. In the following years, they took numerous first places, including they became German and world champions in 2002/03. Because of their success, the dancers decided to turn their greatest passion into a profession. Breakdance has thus become a way of life and an expression of their individual lifestyle for the six, meanwhile they have become one of the best known and most successful breakdance formations in Germany and in 2005 they again won the European Championship title in the city of Elbe. Since then, they have set themselves the task of passing on break dance traditions to future generations. At the beginning of 2005 they laid the foundation stone and opened their first dance school of their own with the Movement Dance Academy. With their shows, they inspire numerous viewers around the world every year.

And the break goes on …

The “Nussknacker” was composed by Peter Tschalkowsky in 1892 and immediately won over the hearts of the audience. The unique score, which has kept its magic to this day, is rightly considered the most popular work by Tschalkowsky, which he once wrote for the ballet stage. But now the nutcracker is upside down. The multiple breakdance world and European champions keep the original music and re-stage the well-known story. They mix breathtaking break dance moves with classical music, inspired by the original and staged by the Da Rookies, the audience experiences a firework of ballet, hip hop, capoeira, break dance, classical music and drama. The visitors arrive in a wonderful dream world in which is alive dolls that have become dance, the Mäusaren back under the pressure of the toy army, and in the end triumph the good and the love. The rushing beauty of the music, the dance skills of the ensemble, as well as the exquisite mix of breakdance and classical choreography not only make a real feast for the experienced lovers of classical ballet.