Jay Frog

Jay Frog (ex-Mitglied von Scooter)

Jay´s career truly kicked off in the 90’s. Love Parade, the rest followed Nature
One Airbeat One, Ruhr in Love he wowed them then. As well as having become
an established presence on the German club scene, he’s played around the
world, Taiwan, Japan, Africa, Russia, Dubai, U.S, Ibiza, and too many other
European locations to mention.

Jay’s probably one of the busiest DJs out there right now, if residencies were a
day job he is fully employed. H1 Hamburg, JJ Club UK, JJ Club Germany and a
tie in with one of the largest German club chains and when he gets the chance
international gigs. He is constantly playing alongside the likes of David Guetta,
Roger Sanchez, Chuckie, JCA, Tom Novy, to mention only a few.

Daytimes get devoted to the production schedule. Not only his personal work
like “I wont let you down” a monster iTunes top five hit, he is also focused on his
side projects. Right now the one ripping the scene apart is Master and Servant.
Teamed up with Gordon from The Disco Boys, an ongoing collaboration,
delivering an edgy electro feel but immensely danceable, a perfect vibe for the
floor as they blend recognisable samples, often using past classics from the
likes of Depeche Mode and mashing it up with their unique production style.

Jay doesn’t stop there, remixes in the last year? What he’s done? Well it’s a
wish list for any producer, tracks with Chuckie, Cidinho & Doca, Lissat &
Voltaxx, Sean Finn, The Disco Boys, Matthias Menck & Jerry Ropero, Medina,
Camisra, Shaggy and plenty more.

Jay Frog to describe him, total crowd pleaser, ultimate showman always able to
read and work the club, total connection with the audience. Definitely not a DJ
you can ever accuse of playing to the CDJs and not the floor. There is never
be pushin him totally into the next zone.
anything less than 110% commitment.

Jay has proved his skills as a dance shape shifter not a bandwagon jumper he
has a diary that defies definition. His hard work and determination are going to