Royal Gigolos


In September 2003, the two DJs Mike Moore and Michael Nehrig aka DJ Kosmonova decided to produce a track together. Both were sitting in the garden on a beautiful late summer evening, where they spontaneously came up with the idea of producing “California Dreamin'”, the 60s classic by the “Mamas And The Papas” in a house guise.

No sooner said than done – 14 days later they met in the recording studio, sampled part of the original and produced a house version.

In October, the song was given to some DJs on CDR for testing. From then on, the success story of the “Royal Gigolos” began. Within a very short time, the song was THE hit of the evening with the DJs who had received a copy. Some even sold duplicates of the CD to their colleagues for horrendous sums. Word quickly spread about “California Dreamin'” as an insider tip in the DJ scene.

The two DJs immediately decided to legalise this version. After the release by the publisher, they started looking for singers who were able to keep up with the class of the “Mamas And The Papas”. It took a while, but then they found what they were looking for: Singer Mel from Hamburg and singer Romeo from London completed the perfect team. Singer Mel also brought the musicians (guitar, bass and drums) to the studio. In January 2004, the official “California Dreamin'” version of the Royal Gigolos was produced.

Within a very short time – never before seen in this form – the revised production shot to number 1 in almost all German dance charts (e.g. ODC, GDP, DMC, etc.). At the music fair “Midem” in Cannes at the end of January, the title became the most sought-after deal of the event. In the UK, no less than 11 companies showed their great interest in the Royal Gigolos. In the meantime, a partner could be found in every country in the world where music is sold, so that already the debut single of the Royal Gigolos is actually released worldwide.

Their first appearance on Club Rotation also caused a sensation. In a completely unusual way for the genre “dance”, the Gigolos were on stage with 8 people at once. Besides the two DJs and producers (keyboards, turntables) and the two singers, there was also a drummer, a bass player, a guitarist and only one female dancer.

Surprisingly, even the “Mamas And The Papas” themselves liked the Royal Gigolos’ version so much that they were willing to provide the original voices. In the meantime, however, the team was so solidified that they turned down the flattering offer and want to establish themselves as an act in the existing formation.

At the moment the Gigolos are working on their first album “Musique Deluxe”, which will be released in spring 2004 and will contain further singles. And here, too, one can be curious, because the Royal Gigolos will again come up with some surprises.

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