Talla 2XLC

Talla 2XLC

When we’re talking about the electronic 90s, there is no way around him.

Talla 2XLC, the man who invented the word “techno” as a music genre description, founded the world’s first weekly Club event, created the most famous 90s techno magazine “FRONT PAGE” and played globally from London, New York, Tokyo to Ibiza.

His event was held for 11 years in Europe’s best club, the legendary “Dorian Gray” at the Frankfurt airport, and influenced an entire party and DJ generation.

He had multiple chart hits, for example his collaboration with ATB & Schiller as “Trance Allstars” in the german and swiss Top 20. His own single “Can you feel the silence” was #14 at Germany sales charts and a big hit also in eastern Europe. His remake of “RMB” song “Spring” was 9 weeks on #1 at Germanys radio charts and his remixes for BBE, Darude – Sandstorm got him worldwide Attention. He was best selling Trance Artist in 2015 at Beat port and together with Kai Tracid they mixes Vol. 50 of Germanys Techno club Compilation.

So you if need an asset for your next 90s Revival Event, “Talla 2XLC” is the perfect Head- or Co Headliner.

2023 motto is: Past, Present, Future for me. Im going to play extended energetic sets filled with all three styles I make
Right now. A new big sponsored Artist Solo 3cd album will be released later this year. Especially play Oldschool 90/2000
Techno/Trance Classix is a big field for me. It does not matter whether it is a large festival stage or a club event.

A 25 years 4 CD Anniversary Technoclub Compilation has just been released. The responses are excellent. A Top 5 Media Control Charts entry for
Next week is safe. Three more regular volumes will follow this year.

Very important, there will be about 20 singles with all my names in 2023.

Latest big hit, my remake of Dj Sakin Protect your mind (Braveheart). It was the No. 1 for weeks, spotify streams are great. And the next remake
Its in production right now.

The Talla fan episode is on the rise. I have 320. 730 monthly listeners on Spotify and 120. 490 followers on Instagram
About my releases: Im the number one trance selling in the last three months and 12 months on Beatport. Even Beatport.
Nowadays counts more than promotion, it is a very strong performance that has led the bestseller charts for so long.

My psychiatrist Alter Ego is bigger than ever, the psychiatrist labelBluetuneshosts my publications. Playing as Cyrus 7 at some major psychiatrist festivals
Year, like Indian Spirit, Airbeat One etc. genre is 138 bpm progressive psy.

Talla 2XLC Pres. : RRAW!
RRAW! is my new techno crossover project that presents the combination of hard techno beats with big trance breakdowns
Several singles have already been released, an album will follow.

Heres the raw melodies: soundcloud. com/talla2xlc

It is very important that there will be about 20 singles with the above mentioned names in 2023.