Turbo B

Turbo B or better known as the male voice behind SNAP! is not only known as a rapper, but also as a beatboxer and mood cannon from the 90s

It all started in the mid-80s when Turbo B aka Durron Maurice Butler was based near Frankfurt. At that time, music producers Rico Sparx and Moses P quickly discovered that he was a top-notch rapper and beat boxer. After his military service ended, he returned to the United States, but soon returned to Germany to continue his musical career. There he became the music producer Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti for their project Snap! presented and engaged as rapper and front man.

With SNAP! followed some of the most successful Eurodance megahits like Power, Rhythym is a Dancer, Ooops Up, Cult of Snap !, Marry Had a Little Boy and much more.

Turbo also continues to act as a solo artist and has already been involved in various music projects.

Turbo B is currently very present internationally; the 90s radio festival events are definitely in focus.