Jam (Jam & Spoon)


Jam El Mar is a producer, musician for electronic dance music. Since techno was born in the early nineties, Jam El Mar and his musical partners have played a key role in shaping this style of music, especially the legendary “Sound” Of Frankfurt. His projects “Jam & Spoon”, “Dance 2 Trance”, “BG-The Prince Of Rap” and techno brands like “Storm” and “Tokyo Ghetto Pussy” were internationally successful acts and rocked clubs all over the world. “This Beat is Hot”, a title by the African-American rapper “BG-The Prince Of Rap”, made the extremely rare entry into the American “Hot100” for European productions. Single releases like “Right In The Night” (Jam & Spoon) or “Power Of American Natives” (Dance 2 Trance) sold millions of copies internationally and achieved gold and platinum status in many countries. The remix of “Age Of Love” is still an icon of the nineties for many DJs, as is the track “Stella”, which appeared on the Belgian label “R&S” in 1991. When the French DJ “Laurent Garnier” added the track “Follow Me” to his set, this title manifested itself as a rave benchmark for the sounds of the techno era. Today, in the retro revival, there are still many tracks that Jam El Mar has produced in the record boxes of the greatest DJs.